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 Last Updated: 07/07/14 09:16    Serving scouts from Brecksville, Broadview Heights, Independence, Seven Hills, and North Royalton, Ohio

New: Summer Activities

Eagle Scout Project Planning Guide
Getting Started with Troop 652 
OA Lodge 17
Tinnerman ('09/'07/'06/'04) 
('07 / '03)
Sea Base
Northern Tier

Troop 652 Whasup?       (Crew News - New Crew Website)

News:  (updated as the info comes in)  


We're currently looking for people to apprentice as:
bulletCommittee Chair and/or Committee Members
bulletOK: Outings Coordinators (usually 2). Got 1 Thank You Mr. Battaglia and now joined by 2nd Mr.  Chambers
bulletAdvancement Chair (usually 1)
bulletOK: Treasurer (Got a Volunteer! Thank you Mr. Smith)
bulletOK: Quartermasters (Thank you Mr. Robakowski)

bulletCooking Merit Badge is required for Eagle starting in January 2014.

Animated Knots    Scout Site with Videos for Ranks through 1st Class.

bulletAdult Training Opportunities.
bulletSee Greater Cleveland Council List
bulletYouth Training Opportunities
bulletSee Complete List of Online Courses
bulletDen Chief Online Training
bulletCheck this out.  Alton Brown (Food Network, Parade Magazine) on scouts and cooking.  Click Here.
Summer Activities
bulletSummer Camp June 15-21, 2014. 
Camp Manatoc  Click Here for official site.

Here's THIS year's handouts from the parent meeting. Dates and payments to this year.
bullet$255 if paid by May 14 meeting or May16 if you deliver it to Akron.
bullet$270 if paid after May 16 but before June 5
bullet$285 if paid after June 5.
bulletJune 18, Family Night at Camp Manatoc
bulletBrecksville Home Days Pop/Water Sale - booth and wagons. June 27-29
bulletSt. Basil Parish Picnic Service. June 22 (Day after summer camp ends)
bulletSummer Meetings;
bulletCooking Merit Badge (Eagle Required) 5 or 6 scouts Star or Life.
bulletPersonal Fitness Merit Badge (Eagle Required) All other scouts.
Scout Parents:

I found a brief summary describing how parents can be involved in their son's scouting experience - scan down the left to see what best describes your situation, then scan the possibilities for your involvement. Click Here.

Pages extracted from the "Scout Parenting Book"

We'll need some parent/adult volunteers to learn the Committee positions from the current people so that we won't lose any knowledge as people graduate from the troop.  Nobody has indicated that they are leaving their positions  but we need to "Be Prepared."  We'll probably schedule a parent meeting in March to ask for people to staff committee positions and "events" (like Popcorn, Brecksville Home Days Pop Sale and Summer Camp Family Night dinner) and putting outings together like the Gettysburg trip, etc.)

Youth Protection Training

You do not have to be a registered member or have a member ID to take Youth Protection training.

To take Youth Protection training go to and create an account.

From the portal, click on E-Learning and take the Youth Protection training.

Upon completion, you may print a certificate of completion to submit with a volunteer application or submit the completion certificate to the unit leader for processing at the local council.

When your volunteer application is approved, you will receive a BSA membership card which includes your member ID number. After you receive your membership card, log back into MyScouting, click on My Profile and update the system by inputting your member ID number. This will link your Youth Protection training records, and any other training, in MyScouting to your BSA membership.


FAQ (09/2006) 

 Policies & Procedures (05/02/02)

Who We Are (1/12/05)

Help Wanted

Eagle Scout Honor Roll

Errors & Omissions

Merit Badges

Planning Sheet


St. Basil the Great
Wednesdays, 7:00 pm

Check the parish calendar site for the latest changes

Troop 652

Scoutmaster: Cliff Bellmore 

Asst. Scoutmasters:  
 Dee Nemeth  | 
Bret Nemeth | 
Shawna Melnykowski  | 
Ed Sowers  
Katrina Yeigh

Crew 652

Advisor: Shawna Melnykowski 

Fingerprinting & Background Checks 

All registered adults are being required to provide fingerprints and submit to Criminal Background checks.

Fingerprinting Cover letter
Consent Form (due before fingerprinting)

Info on state law re: volunteer background checks.

 Background Check Consent Form - Fingerprint & Criminal Records Check Consent.

Adults, see fingerprint
notice wrt new state law
(Do Right-click, save-as)

Related Cub Scout Packs

Pack 378 - St. Michael's

Brecksville-Broadview Hts:
Pack 652 - Hilton 
Pack 59 - Chippewa 


Coming Attractions:
bulletBadges as a Troop: Cooking, First Aid, Personal Fitness, Electricity, Citizenship of the Nation, Citizenship of the World, Environmental Science
bulletSkills as voted: 
1) Ties, 2) Shoe Care, 3) Chop Veggies, 4) Sew patches, darn clothes, 5) Iron Clothes, 6) Repair zippers 


bulletSummer Camp June 15-21, 2014. 
bulletBrecksville Home Days Pop/Water Sale - booth and wagons. June 27-29
bulletSt. Basil Parish Picnic Service. June 22 (Day after summer camp ends)
bulletSummer Meetings;
bulletCooking Merit Badge (Eagle Required) 5 or 6 scouts Star or Life.
bulletPersonal Fitness Merit Badge (Eagle Required) All other scouts.

Dates Parish Center not available for troop meetings: April 30, ...

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All meetings will be in the Parish Center   Click here to see the St Basil Campus satellite map.

Simple overview map of where our scouts live. 

June, 2013
bulletSign up for the Troop Pop/Water Sale activity at Brecksville Home Days

We'll need lots of volunteers to run this and staff the booth and wagons! 

This is the only fundraiser we use to provide enough funds to operate the troop. We need everyone's help. This is how we pay for things like the troop trailer, tents, patches, merit badges, and supplies. Christmas party and Family night dinner at summer camp.

We work out of a booth on the square but the scouts go out with wagons and coolers to sell cans of pop and bottles of water for $1 to people who would rather not pay $5 for a drink from the vendors.
The City of Brecksville considers this a service.

Clean up your coolers and wagons and get ready for the fireworks on Sunday.

For those who attended summer camp, you can work the weekend and enjoy the continued company of fellow campers and share your stories. 


bulletSign up for the Troop Pop/Water Sale activity at Brecksville Home Days

Alternate layout in case it works better for you. 
Home Days Signup2

June 2014 Summer Camp 2014

Please visit Manatoc Official Information for information.  In the left margin, 

bulletThe "Leader Guide" document has the administrivia, 
bulletthe "Forms" document has all the forms: You'll need , 
bulletInstructional Schedule - shows when the various badges are offered.
bulletCamper Release
bulletAnnual Health and Medical Record

The Scouts and Parents Summer Camp Kickoff meeting was May 6 and the handouts for the meeting are available here: Summer Camp Handouts


bulletJune 15 - 21 (Sunday, Fathers Day) Through Saturday morning
bulletDan Beard Site (same as previous years)
bulletWednesday evening is "Family Night", Invite friends and family, Webelos, and others who might get a kick out seeing the ceremonies and how the scouts work and play at camp.
bulletMay 14  is the last meeting to sign-up/pay at the "Early Bird" discounted price.  Actual deadline  is May 16 but you might have to deliver the payment to the Akron Council yourself after the 14th.
bulletEarly Bird fee is $255, between May 16 and June 5 the fee is $270 and it's $285 after that.
bulletFirst Year Campers are invited to visit camp on May 10th with their parents for an orientation of camp. 
June 2014

How it works:

bulletScout and family decides to attend summer camp with the troop during the main week.  (Alternate weeks are also available where the scouts camp with another troop at camp. )
bulletGet the handouts from the Summer Camp Kickoff Meeting.
bulletDecide which badges and activities are of interest by circling them on the Camp Manatoc Instructional Schedule.  Scoutmaster must approve.
bulletGet the Health Forms signed by parents and a physician.  Might be tough to get an appointment with your regular doctor in time. Let me know if you expect a problem and we'll see if we can arrange a
"physical fest" or something similar.

Note that the online version of the form is preferred by most everyone because you type in the info instead of writing it.
bulletFill out the Camper Release Form. (from the handout)
bulletSubmit Payments.  Checks payable to "Troop 652"
Early Bird (by 5/14) $255, Basic (by 6/5) $270, then $285
bulletSign up for Family Night (Wednesday of camp week) sign-ups are important.  Invite family and friends but we'll need a head count for adults and youngsters so that we can be sure to have enough food.
bulletThe Google Docs for signups and the checklist.  Here's this years: Summer Camp Family Night sign-up online form 
bulletSign up for the Troop Pop/Water Sale activity at Brecksville Home Days
bulletSign up for the St. Basil Parish Picnic service  
bulletStart gathering your gear!
bulletStart taking care of the prerequisites for the badges you want to take (they're the things you should have done before attending the merit badge sessions with the counselors at camp).
bulletIf you want to spend some time at camp, sign up here on the Adults List.
bulletAnd, for reference, the Sams Club Shopping List is here.
June 18, 2014 June 18, Family Night at Manatoc

Come one and all!  Family, friends, cub scouts, Webelos, alumni

Family Night is Wednesday evening. The troop provides drinks, burgers, and hot dogs. Families bring either a side dish or a dessert to share. Invite family and friends and Webelos who might want to attend to meet their Arrow of Light requirement of visiting a Boy Scout Troop at an Outdoor Oriented Activity. The whole campground is in "Open House" mode for Family Night. We usually get around 100 people.

We'll need a head-count by Monday of Summer Camp so that we can buy the food.

Visiting Webelos and their families do not need to bring a side/dessert.

There will be some moonlight during our week at camp (Full Moon is the 13th) but it's almost the longest daylight or the year!

May 2014 May (Summer Camp prep, Home Days prep, Pack 59 Crossing)
bulletMay 2-4, Campout/Canoeing Mohican Wilderness Scout Weekend
Mohican Wilderness hosts a scouts-only weekend event at the start of their season including canoe races, games, skits and scouting activities.
bulletMay 7, Regular Meeting, Summer Camp Kickoff.  Parents should come!
bulletSkills: Lashings, Marching
bulletBadges: Environmental Science
bulletSign-ups: Summer Camp, Home Days, Family Night Dinner
bulletMay 14, Regular Meeting. Summer Camp Prep.
bulletSkills: Totin' Chit training, Summer Camp Schedules, Marching
bulletBadges: Environmental Science
bulletSign-ups: Summer Camp, Home Days, Family Night Dinner
bulletLast Day to get the "early bird" summer camp rate $255.
bulletMay 21, Regular Meeting.
bulletSkills: Summer Camp Schedules, Marching
bulletBadges: none
bulletSign-ups: Summer Camp, Home Days, Family Night Dinner
bulletMay 28, Optional Meeting for Summer Camp turn-in and questions.

Summer Camp 1st Year Camper Family Open House at Camp Manatoc is Saturday May 10, 2014 9 a.m. at the dining hall.  Click Here for the flyer. 


Welcome new scout Matthew B. and Anthony C. who crossed over from Pack 652 on Friday, February 21st.


Welcome new scouts Tom A., Brian C., and Ethan M. 


Welcome new scouts.  Remember to:

1. Register, (I can't transfer your records to the troop after March) 

2. Go over the Youth Protection insert in the front of your book with a parent,

3. Practice your "Scout" rank must-know's (just like Arrow of Light)

4. Part A Health form ( which lists "things we might need to know" and who we should call in case of an emergency.

5. See the "Getting Started with Troop 652" page


Mr. Jack Wygonski will be issuing troop tents in April & May.  There's a form that goes with the tents saying that you'll return the tent in good condition when you leave the troop or you'll pay $50 toward helping to replace the tent.  A parent must read and sign the form in addition to the scout signing it.


All of the new scouts should earn their "Scout" rank as quickly as possible.  Please  remember to go over the youth protection stuff in the front of the book with a parent or guardian!   Practice the other requirements and ask for a Scoutmaster Conference!


All new scouts should have received a video DVD showing how to do all the requirements through first class rank.  


The Patrol box maintenance instructions have finally been posted.

2010 Summit County is now also a "Quarantine" county.  This should mean that we can take firewood from Cuyahoga County into Summit County (Manatoc, for example) and back.
2006 Emerald Ash Borer Notice for Firewood
Cuyahoga County has been added to the quarantine list for the Emerald Ash Borer.  No non-coniferous firewood (hardwood) is to leave a quarantined area under any circumstances.   Do not to take any firewood out to Beaumont or Manatoc/Butler or Avery Hand.    Non-coniferous means any hardwood but would not include pine.)  Current updated information is available at:
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Meeting Plan worksheets. Check assignments Click Here  Summer sheets aren't posted yet.   

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